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Staff Information

Administration and Office
Name E-mail Position
Mrs. O. Romero [email protected] Principal
Ms. K. Calixto [email protected] CTI Coach
Mrs. M. Aguilar [email protected] Secretary
Mrs. V. Hernandez [email protected] Clerk
Ms. Y. Renteria [email protected] Home Liaison
Mrs. M. Villegas [email protected] Health Clerk



Teachers and Staff

Name E-mail Position
Mrs. M. Duerksen [email protected] Teacher - 3rd Grade
Mrs. A. Enriquez [email protected] Teacher - Kindergarten
Mrs. I. Williams [email protected] Teacher - 2nd Grade
Mrs. W. Gholar [email protected] Teacher - 1st Grade
Miss N. Gomez [email protected] Teacher - 2nd Grade
Mrs. R. Hernandez  [email protected] Teacher - RSP
Miss S. Greif [email protected] Teacher - 1st Grade
Mrs. S. Haas [email protected] Teacher - 5th Grade
Mr. R. Humpert [email protected] Teacher - TK
Mrs. C. Salcido-Atilano [email protected] TOSA
Ms. A. Montano [email protected] Teacher - Kindergarten
Mr. R. Mira [email protected] Teacher - 4th/5th Grade
Mrs. L. Moreno [email protected] Teacher - 3rd Grade
Ms. E. Holloway [email protected] Teacher - 3rd Grade
Mrs. L. Reyes [email protected] Teacher - 1st/2nd Grade
Mrs. S. Crawhorn [email protected] Teacher - Speech
Ms. C. Lopez clopez348@bpusd.net School Psychologist