Maria Eva Aguayo » Ms. Aguayo's 5th Grade UC Pepperdine

Ms. Aguayo's 5th Grade UC Pepperdine

Welcome Back Bursch Bulldogs!!  


My name is Ms. Aguayo, 5th grade teacher, at Bursch Elementary.  I worked here, a few years back, and have since returned.  I am excited to be back home. 


I also grew up in Baldwin Park and went to Bursch, Olive and Sierra Vista High School.  I then went to Citrus and later got my BA and teaching credentials from APU.  I have been working in the Baldwin Park School District since 1990 and I am excited to begin my 17th year of teaching, 2019-2020. I recently became a mom to my nephew and three nieces.  It’s a job in and of itself.

But I enjoy the new found love of being “mom”.  




My expectation and goals for this school year are to support my students in their academic journey, ensuring them to reach their success.  I want my students to know that they can and will learn.  I am here to help guide them.  We all need to remember that it is a team and we, (teacher, student, and parents), will need to work together to help all succeed.  We can do it!!! 

Thank you parents for all your support.  Your child deserves it and appreciates you for it.



Thank you and I can be reached at 626 962-3311 x6255.


I hope to meet you soon. 

Ms. Aguayo




  1. Be Ready:  Own your actions so be prepared for class and stay on task, at all times.   
  1. Be Responsible:  An A+ Attitude is someone who arrives to class prepared to collaborate, communicate, and think critically. 
  1. Be Respectful:   Take care of and be responsible with all classroom equipment, books, and work-spaces. Disrupting instruction with inappropriate behavior will not be allowed.  Always do your best and strive to be a positive example to your peers. 




 Homework will be assigned and to be turned in the next day.  






Daily Homework:
Read 30 min. daily
August 28th: Math: Watch Khan Academy or videos on Comparing Decimals.