Bursch Elementary 5th Graders Embark on Science Camp Trip

This marks the first time in the school's history that students had the opportunity to participate in such an immersive learning experience. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, 31 students delved into a hands-on exploration of nature and science at Pali Institute.

The camp provided a range of outdoor activities and scientific engagements such as experiments, nature hikes, and team-building challenges. The fifth graders also had the unique opportunity to experience the snow season, which for many was a first-time encounter. In addition to snow activities, the students tried their hand at archery and participated in lessons focused on the importance of preserving natural habitats.

"We are very thankful for the support from our school district, teachers, staff, community members, parents, and everyone who helped our fundraising efforts," Principal of Bursch Elementary Ofelia Romero said.


Bursch_ScienceCamp1: Fifth grade students from Bursch Elementary pose for a group photo while on their 2024 Science Camp trip.

Bursch_ScienceCamp2: Fifth grade students from Bursch Elementary practice their archery skills.

Bursch_ScienceCamp3: Fifth grade students from Bursch Elementary perform a science experiment. 

Bursch_ScienceCamp4: Fifth grade students from Bursch Elementary hold snow while at Science Camp.